Captain America and like thoughts…

With the Spring comes a very exciting times for movie-goers! The spring movie, the blockbusters are always a thrill. The year’s hottest and most anticipated movies take turns as they each reign or bust on opening weekend.

This weekend the (in recent history) annual Marvel blow-out has been released. And it is arguably the most anticipated of the Marvel Films: Civil War.

As always spoilers ahead…

There are a lot of things right about this movie:
1) the unresolved ending

2) The dark subject matter and very human reactions to nonhuman occurrences

3) The fact that in the end it really was Iron Man vs. Captain America

4) The signature Marvel Comedy (the after the kiss nods…BEST!)

5) Spiderman…like honestly really refreshing which is ironic since this is the third Spiderman in such a short amount of time.

captain america running.jpg

But I think that these good qualities cover up the bad things.

I’ll be honest I left the theatre thinking wow. That was good. And then I stopped and I thought about it. And as I did that I found that I became frustrated.

On the surface this film has some interesting female characters. Unfortunately it never bothers to actually care about them, and to me that’s frustrating.

Exhibit 1: Wanda otherwise known as the Scarlett Witch (P.S. I really want to count the amount of times they all used their first names over their “superhero names” I think it’s a record for these films)…Anyway, she’s in the movie and kind of suffers a trauma. Not only does everything think that maybe she’s dangerous but in the first action scene it looks like she suffers serious guilt. Yet, UNLIKE Tony we never really see the result of that, or how she deal with it.

Exhibit 2: Sharon Carter. So the “big” secret we all knew has finally become known to Steven Rogers himself. She’s a CARTER! Which solidifies Steven Roger’s type…he’s into those Carter girls (it’s a good thing he wasn’t around long enough to meet Peggy’s Carter family…there may have been dramz). Also her whole purpose in this film was to hand off info and material. THAT’S IT. Oh and also to kiss Captain America (it is his film after all)…but let’s be real Pepper had a bigger role in the actual story and she WASN’T EVEN IN THE FILM. At least pepper played a role in Tony’s mental state. Oh but she did kick ass, so I’ll give her that.

Exhibit 3: Natasha Romanav/Black Widow. So this is probably the one that makes me the angriest because Natasha is a big part of the story in the first half of this movie. But then she disappears. She’s fulfilled her purpose so whatever right? Come on!

iron man side.png

Now I realise that this film, more so than the other ones, is a precursor to the upcoming films.  None of the stories are resolved in fact they end rather unresolved which is a strength in the film. So these problems can be solved in the future but it almost seems like half way through they decided that they couldn’t afford for ScarJo to be in the rest of the film. So instead they decided to pay the men. So that definitely disappointed me. And I hope it can be amended in future films of the franchise.

But I don’t want to end this on a negative note so let’s end it with some random thoughts I had about the film.

  • Let me cry about Peggy dying…I can’t let that be the end for Peggy in the Marvel Franchise/universe…ABC please renew Agent Carter.
  • Speaking of Agent Carter…DOT AND BUCKY!? CAN WE HAVE A MOVIE ON THAT? OR A FLASHBACK EPISODE omg the possibilities!
  • Can we never have an individual movie ever again? Cause honestly it doesn’t make sense for them not to call someone for help.
  • So let’s be real did they put Bucky in that no age freezing thing cause it was “best” or as in excuse not to feature him in a film for a while?
  • Also do they not realise the millions they can get if they sell that don’t age freezing this? They could probably pay for all the damage they cause when they’re out and about saving the world and tearing down buildings.
  • This is the second super hero film this year where someone’s mother causes the supes to fight each other.
  • It is also the second super hero film that calls for laws about superheroes. What does this mean about our society?

Pause for a moment as I English Major think about this film.

  • Moving on…How are they going to resolve all their issues? No seriously I don’t think it’s realistic to re-befriend the guy who’s best friends with my parents killer who also was besties (or like acquaintances) with said parents…or just Howard.
  • Also what happened to Pepper? Like there’s no more Iron Movie (unless Marvel jumps on the Robert Downey Jr. may be down for another Iron Man Film). So is Pepper in the next Avengers film?
  • Can Sharon Carter please get more screen time and more like stuff to do…cause like honestly Sharon Peggy led a cooler life atm. Even her two love stories were more interesting scratch that her entire life was more interesting. And can she wear something other than a pant suit?

And with that I say adieu until next time!

iron vs captain

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