How to be Single and a decent human being

This is a film made for millennials. It gives you the set-up of multiple tropes, while keeping you entertained only to give you an end that you may not suspect but isn’t all that surprising.

With that being said, there are still cliché’s in the film. However it is the film’s hope for you to ignore those clichés by breaking some of the bigger cliché’s.

Not only is there a male character who openly wants to be a stay-at-home-dad (progressive for Hollywood right?) but not everyone ends up with a significant other (and those who do don’t always have the typical good-looking mate). Which is good, because imagine if a film called HOW TO BE SINGLE ending with everyone kissing the perfect opposite sex person. It wouldn’t quite fit would it?


This film tries actively to showcase the real world we live in while still falling under the rom-com genre.

Part of the rom-com genre are the tropes and the certain amount of Yeah Right moments.

So here are your typical tropes that the film introduced us to:
1) Friend who is wild, with main character lead who is the typical “good girl”
2) Girl trying so hard to find guy that she meets a cute and hot bartender who “helps” her out (Bartender obviously falls in love with her)
3) and I’m too busy for work that I don’t have a man and I don’t need one trope.
4) The ex is still into the girl he left.

What’s fresh about this film is that these tropes don’t end up the way you expect.  Of course there is some giving in (it is a rom-com and come on no one likes to pay for a film where everyone ends up alone…I know it’s not PC for me to say it but it’s true if I’m paying for a film like this I expect a the rom part of the rom-com to be fulfilled).

how to be single feature pic


So here are some unbelievable (and by that I mean actually not believable) things we have to believe for the sake of the film (SPOILER ALERT):
1) A YOUNG guy finds out his girlfriend is pregnant with not his child and is immediately 100% in.
2) At no point over the sex with benefits stage did either of them consider the other as a romantic partner.
3) Rich party girl just goes to work cause why not.
4) Obviously no one ever gets an STD
5) The parties (if this is real representation of New York I have been wasting my life here in Canada)
6) After an emotional freak-out the right guy comes along.

But all of this is forgivable because the film deal with an important issue that never gets brought up in film.

how to be single with lesliemann

Some girls date guys and lose themselves in the process. They are no longer individuals they become an attachment to him. You never see them. You only read about their perfect plans through Facebook because they’re always busy. I call them ghost friends, the ones that only need female accompaniment when she is single.

This movie (slightly, I mean it could be a deeper issue but it’s a comedy and a movie so I can’t be too picky) highlights that some girls are just different when they’re with someone. And I personally hate that. I’m not sure if that is a trait that only finds itself in our generation but goddamn it’s an annoying trait. Girls stop doing that, it’s weird and lame. And honestly like be your own person. Please you weren’t put on this earth to follow a guy like he’s your lifeline. Be your own lifeline….I digress.

The point is that overall How to be Single is an enjoyable movie. Will I be waiting for it to come out on DVD to anxiously be waiting to buy it? No. I reserve that place in my heart for Pitch Perfect (the first one) and Brooklyn.


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