Bridge of Spies-get me past the first hour!

I saw Bridge of Spies last weekend! I am the first to admit that I was bored for the first hour of the film. I checked my phone, I looked around and if it wasn’t for some tasty popcorn I may have even stopped watching.

Luckily I didn’t.

I continued to watch as the plot got thicker and thicker.

The story is about a Russian Spy who gets caught by the CIA. Having to give him a proper trial, Tom Hanks is hired to be his lawyer. Even though Tom Hank’s character is not a criminal lawyer (he’s an insurance lawyer).

russian spy.jpg

This of course leads you to believe that this will be a trial story. But it isn’t because the trial and the appeal actually end quite quickly.

This is all the rising action. No it’s all the introduction.

The rising action happens when we start to see that some American spies are being trained to fly a plane with high-tech cameras for the time over Russia.

An American pilot gets caught and he is sentenced to prison in Russia.

Now we have ourselves a plot and some rising action. From this point on the story gets interesting. Between this and the hot student who also gets arrested, this is now a story I can sit through.

After this point, the film is good. I enjoyed it.

But before all of this, it is just Tom Hanks in some old time-y clothes.  It seems that this movie is missing some good piece of advice: START THE STORY AS CLOSE TO THE END AS POSSIBLE.


An hour of this film was introduction. It was set-up. And I think that that hour could have been reduced. I’m sure there was info that didn’t need to be there. The only purpose of this hour was to establish a friendship between the Russian spy and Tom Hank’s character and to establish Tom Hank’s as a smart man who can convince people of stuff.

I’m sure there was a way of shortening this.

So to sum up if you can get through the first hour, then you’re in for a treat. Because once the movie gets going it becomes very interesting, but until then make sure you have some tasty to pick at.


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