Movies that I’ve already seen in the Oscar Race

Mad Max

Everyone loves this film.

And I can appreciate why. This film does a lot of things right. It has badass women, it has amazing cinematography and the set design is amazing. It is literally in its own world on how out there it is and the work it must have taken to make this fictional world come alive.

But to me it was a car chase. And although I enjoyed watching it I can’t sit here and tell you I’d watch it again.

I can appreciate it, but I don’t necessarily like it. Just not my kind of movie. That’s all.

mad max


I was lucky enough to see this film at the Toronto Film Festival. So my opinion may be biased towards the glamour of possibly seeing a celebrity (and I did I totally saw the cast, I didn’t interact with them but they were in the same room as me. I think that’s pretty cool. Don’t judge me.).

This story is a traditionally told story. But that is what the film needed because the controversial topic of the film is crazy enough. This film needed to be told the way it was. It needed to be straight forward and to the point. Which I thought it was.

But this film would be nothing without its performances. Rachel Mcadams and Mark Ruffalo garnered nominations for their performances, but I think the other cast members also deserve recognition. Stanley Tucci although has little screen time, I thought, was excellent.

Def. worth seeing and one of my favs going into the Oscar season.

spotlight movie

The Martian

The Martian is another rescue Matt Damon films. But it’s witty and smart. I quite enjoyed it for the first hour. Then I got a little tired but by the end I think it pulled through. It’s hard to watch this film and not compare it to other space films. One in particular that came to mind was Gravity. Only because like in Gravity here’s a character stuck in space after a disaster.

But the difference is that I wasn’t sure if Sandra Bullock was going to make it back to earth. I was pretty sure that Matt Damon would. Mostly because he’s Matt Damon and I can’t even think of a film where Matt Damon dies and people would like it.

By the end of the film you too are cheering for him to come back to earth, so it’s worth the watch. I would probably see this again. Whereas in Gravity I loved in in theatres and then fell asleep when I tried to re-watch it once the DVD came out.

the martian.jpg


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