Why we need more movies like Brooklyn

I have always loved romantic films.

And although I don’t think every single film that features a female lead should be a romantic one, I also don’t think that a strong female character can’t be the lead in a romantic film. There’s this belief that strong women only are strong when they can hold a weapon. But I don’t know women like that. I know women who can stand up for themselves, who are brave enough to be themselves, and who fall in love. Not in a cheesy way. Not in a desperate way. But most, most fall in love in a simple and real way.

I strongly recommend you watch this film.

source: newyorker.com


I will say that although it may seem like it is a simple love story, it is not. It involves many layers. On the outside it is a story of a girl moving to America and finding love. But I think it’s a movie about a girl moving away from home and finding out who she really is, and more importantly who she wants to be. That is something anyone can relate to.

Eillis is portrayed by the ever so talented Saorirse Ronan who can act without even moving. It’s amazing. She is sweet and innocent at the start of the film, she does what it right. She makes very few decisions on her own. She lets others guide her, but by the end I hope you see what I saw. Because by the end Eillis is making her own decisions and choosing the life she wants for herself.

Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn
Source: agentsofgeek.com

It isn’t like other films in which the love triangle is a back and forth struggle that takes up the majority the screen time. We do see this struggle. But the struggle isn’t just boy A and boy B. It isn’t life of comfort or you’re one true love (because this film blurs who her true love, who the better choice is). What it is, is what is easy and what is hard. What is convenient and what feels right. But mostly (and believe me morality is also a factor here) it is Eillis deciding what she really wants. It isn’t so much Ireland vs USA or Jim vs Tony. I see it more like her life vs what her life should be. It’s more her choice over their choice. Will she continue to be good girl or her own girl?  A choice we all have to make.

Source: http://www.static.guim.co.uk

What makes this film interesting (in my perspective) is that the “right” option isn’t clear. At least it wasn’t to me. So although I wasn’t surprised by the end I didn’t feel like it was easy for the protagonist to get there. It wasn’t clear what the morally right thing to do was. So, the character for once in her life had to make an actual choice on her own. To me that’s a strong female character.

I, as a woman, would like more films with females who make choices. Because to me, that’s a true strong female protagonist.




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