December Flicks so far…

Star Wars
I mean should I even talk about this? Chances are you saw it. And if you have no interest, well then you probably don’t want to read about it either.
Either way I thought it was good. Hope you did too.
Also Rey is awesome. Also why did she get to keep her English accent while John Boyega did not? Also when did Oscar Isaacs get hot? Was he always? How did i not notice? Also…kay I don’t want to get into theory stuff, so can the next film come faster?
I don’t know why but I was totally okay with this film until the second half. You know the classic construct of a story:  exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion? Well this film didn’t really have that, and that threw me off. There was no falling action. It was exposition, rising action, climax, and then a phone call years later being like oh hey it’s sorta solved kay bye, and that was the end of the movie. I wanted more explanation. It literally turned around in a few minutes, even though it felt like hours. So that was not cool.
Will Smith was great. I thought he did a good job. I realize it’s unrealistic and that the story is based on a real one so this probably never actually happened but i wanted to see some Luke Wilson VS Will Smith! I wanted Will Smith to confront him. We obviously (SPOILER) didn’t get that cause again that probably never happened but I was kind of waiting for something like that the whole film, and it didn’t happen.


I don’t know what I expected from this film. In retrospect I think I got what I expected. But weirdly enough it took a few of jokes for me to actually start laughing. One in particular had the whole theatre crying, which is good. Ballerina. That’s all I’m going to say, but tell me you didn’t laugh at that scene?  I also enjoyed the fact that not every joke or even the major jokes were in the trailer. Overall, I’d say this is a decent film worth watching when it comes out on Netflix. If you’re looking to see one film this month thee may be others you’d enjoy more, but if you’re looking for a laugh this is a safe bet.


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