Five movies I’m looking forward to this coming month

  1. The Big Shot

I mostly want to see this because of the A-list actors involved. Looks like a dramady and I couldn’t be more excited to see it. This sounds like my kind of movie I hope it lives to my expectations.

4. The Night Before

Not everything has to be serious, and I would like to laugh. Do I think Seth Rogen is the funniest man on earth? No. Absolutely not. But will I watch this film?
Plus it has Joseph Gordon Levitt, so that makes me want to see it even more.

  1. Joy

Silver Linings Playbook has turned into a family tradition in my house. Every holiday season since it came out (when we went to see it as a family) we watch it.

Needless to say I was one of the first in line to go see American Hustle.

Well here’s another film with the same team attached. So basically I am in!

  1. Brooklyn

This based on a book film has already been released. However, it has not come to a theatre near me and I am awaiting the day when I can drive to the next town over (that usually plays more indie films) and watch it. As a lover of books, and love, and drama I’d be insane not to want to see this.


Is this really that big of a surprise? Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan (but seriously why aren’t you?) you’re probably curious to see how the revitalization works out.

Like many I watched these moves as a kid. I dresses up as some of the characters for Halloween.  I asked for a pink light saber for Christmas.

I’m a nerd, get used to it.


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