My top ten Christmas flicks!

It’s that season again!
Yes the greatest time of the year is upon us and with that are the CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

There are so many classics out there but let me tell you about my top ten picks for the season!

  1. White Christmas

The songs. The songs alone are reason enough to see this movie.

Plus it’s just a fun romantic comedy, back when romantic comedy actually meant there being comedy.


  1. The Apartment.

I had to include this one because I am in love with this movie. It scores a 9 on this list because it is not that Christmas-y but it’s just good. Like I accidently caught this movie not knowing what it was. It wasn’t until the end when I found out its name that I recognized how iconic the film was. But the good thing about that was that I was able to fall in love with the film without loving it for being a famous film.

the apartment
G-228 Max (Russell Crowe) enjoys the company of his supposed long-lost cousin Christie Roberts (Abbie Cornish) in A GOOD YEAR.
  1. Miracle on 34th street.

My father made me watch this every Christmas. Now I am the one making him watch it every Christmas.

how i met your mother

  1. Die Hard.

Yippee Ki yay (well you know the rest).

I cannot be the only one who watches this every Christmas! This has action and Snape. What more can you want in a Christmas film?

die hard

  1. Home Alone.

Every 90s child watched this movie on repeat. I am no different.

home alone

  1. The Holiday.

I know you know I love romcoms. So this can’t even be that much of a surprise.


  1. While You were Sleeping


It’s the only movie that I know of that goes beyond Christmas and into New Year’s too. Which I love because the holiday doesn’t just end on the 25th. Some of my best memories take place in that week in between, where my family and I would binge watch television shows, or watch fun movies. THIS movie was always on the list.

while you were sleeping

  1. The Shop Around the Corner

I am in love with James Stewart. It’s actually a problem. But come on, tall, handsome and has that old time manners that has died in today’s society.

If you’ve seen and love You’ve got mail, then you’ll love this film. This is the inspiration for that movie and guess what? IT TAKES PLACE AROUND CHRISTMAS!
Who can resist two people who hate each other but are actually in love with each other and don’t even know it. I mean this has my name all over it!

little shop around the corner

  1. Elf

I quote this movie all the time.

Even when it’s not Christmas.

But especially when it is Christmas. It’s pretty much like Mean Girls for Christmas for me.

I mean this is a Will Ferrell movie for people who don’t like Will Ferrell! If you don’t like this movie you don’t have a soul.


  1. Love Actually.

I saw this movie when I was eight years old in theatres.

Although this may look bad on my parents, it has become on my favourite movies period, so I don’t even care.

It is the only holiday movie with a whole lot of stars that actually works.

And it’s perfect in every way. You won’t convince me otherwise. Is it cheesy? Of course it is! It’s a holiday movie people!

love actually


Honorable mentions? A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph Obvi, and A Christmas Carol Muppet version CAUSE IT’S THE MUPPETS (when they were good).


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