To watch The Secret in Their Eyes or to not watch that is the Question

Okay so I am not an international movie lover. Why? Not because I don’t like them, it’s just more to do with access. I simply have the opportunity to watch more American based films than I do any other market.

With that being said I have seen El Secreto de sus Ojos. The Argentine Oscar-winning film is the original film based on a book by the same name is actually a really good movie.

It has the feel of a Hollywood film while also having the seriousness of an Oscar winner and a foreign film.

The story is interwoven with Argentine History. It adds to the film, it explains motivations. It makes the suspense that much more suspenseful.

It is a brilliant film that you should all go see.

A scene from the original 2009 movie. Source:

But here we are, with a remake.

Everyone knows that remakes are usually really, really bad. Which is why I am scared to see this Julia Robert’s film.

Julia Robert’s plays a detective traumatized about what happened to her daughter. Already there is a change from the original. In the original the lead is a man. This change I can actually get behind. I am interested in this change.

That isn’t the only change.

The timeline of the film has also been changed.


The original movie is based in the 70s when the Argentine Government was under a Dictatorship. The new version is based in 2002 and present day. That’s a clear difference, and I’m not sure how they can translate it (both literally and figuratively).

The thing that worries me the most is the fact that this is being called a remake of the film. It has not been categorized as a movie based on a book. The original movie already made changes to the book. I wonder if the book even compares remotely to this new film.

The original is a thriller steeped in psychological drama and suspense. I worry that even with the A-list cast this movie can never live up to its Oscar predecessor.


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