My unhealthy obsession with Made-for-TV Holiday Movies

I have a very shameful confession to make. One that you probably deduced from the title of this article. Last Christmas I ended school very early. I was stuck in a house with no car, no friends (it was exam season after all) and no entertainment value. I did something I am not proud of.

I watched holiday rom-com made-for-TV movies.


Oh come on! Before you judge me, tell me you have never been sucked into a bad movie or TV show. You totally have and even though you rolled your eyes and went that could never ever happen in real life you watched until the very end.


Well I didn’t just watch one or two, which you’re bound to do during the holiday season (I swear they play 24/7) but I saw…a lot of them.
Name a genre and I saw it.

Amnesia plot: saw it.
My boyfriend’s a royal plot: saw it.
Went back home and found a boyfriend plot: saw it.
I tricked someone and pretended to date you only to fall in love with you: saw it.
Rich person realizes the true meaning of Christmas through falling in love: saw it.
The grumpy cat Christmas movie: SAW IT!


I saw them all!
I saw new ones and old ones and you know what?
I actually liked them.
They’re cheerful, and always have a happy ending. I mean a girl is allowed to dream right? Right? 

I know. I know. I’M NOT PROUD OF IT.

Now with the new holiday season comes another round of films. And this year I won’t watch.
Nope. I will not do it.
You can’t make me.



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