Why I Love Going to the Movies

Going to the movies is expensive.
Going to the movies is out of the way.
Sometimes it’s cold, others it’s hot.
It’s weird, sitting in a room full of strangers. You sit in sometimes uncomfortable chairs to watch a screen.
But I love it.

Source: www.cardinalsound.com

Not the popcorn smell, which sometimes makes my mouth water and other times makes me want to barf.

Not the semi gross realization that thousands of people have probably sat in the same seat as you and they probably don’t even febreze them.
But the feeling when the lights dim.
When the screen goes wide and the noises become sounds.
When you’ve forgotten where you are. Where you forget who you are. Where all of a sudden you jump up in fear or laughter or shock.

It’s realizing you had forgotten yourself when the credits start to roll.

Source: Pinterest.com

It’s laughing when something is so funny you start to cry.

Or crying because you just can’t stand the injustice.

Watching a movie is a magical experience.

It makes you want to stand and sing on the streets.
It makes you want to take on the world.
It makes you believe in hope. It makes you think. It makes you feel.

Source: giphy.com

Films are magical.

They are filled with moments that will influence you for the rest of your life.
Quotes you will think of, moments you will remember, sayings ingrained in popular society.

In the theatre, where the sound and sight override everything else.
I love going to the movies.
I love getting lost in a story.
I love films.

Source: hollywood.com

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