Boy am I obsessed with U.N.C.L.E.

I am a sucker for clothes from the 60s.
As a child I watched Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie religiously.

In fact last Christmas, I went on a hunt for the complete I dream of Jeannie DVD box set to give to myself. I found it. And we are very happy together.
I am also a sucker for men in suits. I think a lot of ladies are. There is just something about that that makes men look 100 times better. Like, I would so much rather get a picture of a guy wearing a proper fitted suit than a naked pic. Like 100 times over.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. gives me both. And I love it for it.


Here’s the basic concept:
Henry Cavill is an American, James bond sort of character. Womanizer. Smart. Cheeky. Oh and hot.
Armie Hammer is a Russian spy. Hot, but in a completely different way. Dark past. Tortured soul.
And then there’s Alicia Vikander.  Mechanic, badass chick who also happens to be very fashionable.
Remember this all takes place in the 60s. So these characters so not get along.

They are forced together to save the world. And also prevent Alicia Vikander’s character, Gaby, from getting killed.


Also Hugh Grant is in it. Also the chemistry is to die for! But seriously, let’s re-watch this movie just for that ten times.

So there’s some action and some humor and of course a love story for the ages. But what I actually really loved about this film are the female characters.

All the characters are badass, but badass does not mean they can’t enjoy fashion, or fall in love or wear high heels. This is my kind of girl, this is the kind of girl I could see myself being. Both of these women are who they are, but that doesn’t make them weak or a damsel in distress…not even close.


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