Inside Out got the inside of me out in tears

As a Disney and Pixar fanatic I am always skeptical when Disney releases a new film.

Back when this was in theatres, I went to see it. Not expecting the hype to be true.

It was the first movie where I felt like an adult rather than a kid.

I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. But I liked it.

I cried and laughed, and I liked it. Did I already say that?

The characters are not only adorable but they’re real.  I know what you’re thinking. How can these animated characters feel real?
Well let me tell you. I had a bad case of nostalgia.

You see Riley is a little girl who will undergo puberty pretty soon. A little girl who is suffering alone. Who has everything she loved get (sort of) taken away.

How can you not feel for a kid like that?

How can you not relate to that?

In the midst of this film is a Bildungsroman, a coming of age story.

Saying goodbye to your childhood and hello to adulthood.

I am 23 years old. I am what most people think of as an adult.

But in the past few years I have experienced something many millenials do: The quarter life crisis.

So this whole goodbye childhood grow up thing hits close to home. Not in the same way the film character’s development is portrayed but nonetheless, I am also a young girl growing up. Or I guess I am a young woman.

Saying goodbye to a childhood imaginary friend in many way is a symbol to say goodbye to childhood (pause for the tears to flow).

I am sure that this movie will make you cry, and laugh just like it did for me.

I hope  you enjoy it.

The DVD released on: Nov. 3 2015.


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